Music and Psychotherapy

Monika Renz. "Amazing Grace", CD "Sound Journeys", track 7. In: «Erlösung aus Prägung»: Ein neues Verständnis von Heilung. Psychologie und Theologie im Gespräch. (2. überarb. Aufl.). Paderborn: Junfermann, 2017. more

Psychotherapy - with or without the use of music - offers a healing relationship in which experiences of dignity and processes of maturation, self-awareness, grief and forgiveness can take place. In this respect, psychotherapy amounts to more than support in emotional crises. If it succeeds, psychotherapy offers clients the space to find new ground and identity.

Music, music-assisted relaxation, and active imagination complement conversations, body awareness exercises, and spiritual support. Music-assisted active imagination creates an atmospheric and vibrational environment. Such experiences touch our souls and enable us to be touched by primordial trust. Music is the medium farthest removed from consciousness. Music initiates us, opens us up to transcendence, and has tangible effects.


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Audio and Video

Klein, Christoph (Producer). (2017). A loose connection with eternity. On the move with Monika Renz, music therapist, psychooncologist, and theologian, 2012-2015.

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