Walking my dog, I explore the
surroundings, and I also train him.

At the lowest point

Again and again, hope is shattered,
To keep daring the lowest point,
To bury
Success and failure.

I must begin - I want to
At the Archimedean point
Far from rubble and rules
- silently.

Alas, from there
at some point,
unhinged, the world
will be.

Monika Renz, September 2016

First published in Renz, Erlösung aus Prägung (2017, p. 129) more.


Forgiveness and Reconciliation (translated by Mark Kyburz) [manuscript submitted to publisher]. German edition: «Versöhnung und Vergebung: Wie Prozesse der Befreiung im Leben und im Sterben möglich werden». Freiburg i.Br.: Herder, 2019. more


Renz M. Bueche D, Reichmuth O, Schuett Mao M, Renz U, Siebenrock R., Strasser F. Forgiveness and reconciliation processes in dying patients with cancer [published correction appears in Am J Hosp Palliat Care. 2019 Oct 16;:1049909119884407]. American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care. 37:3(2020), 222-234. open weblink (Epub 2019 Aug 5)

Public speaking engagements and workshops

«Dying as Transition: Research method, evidence base, main findings ´primordial fear´ phenomenon and implications for care of the dying, and education.». Opening lecture at the Conference on «Consciousness and spiritual experience during the dying process.» Organised by the Royal Medical Society, Section: Palliative Care. London, Royal Society of Medicine. March 28, 2019, 9:45-10:30. More. External Link: https://www.rsm.ac.uk/events/palliative-care/2018-...

«Language of Dying».. Plenary lecture at the World Conference of the European Association of Palliative Care EAPC in Berlin, May 23, 2019, Convention Hall II, 15:30–16:00. More. External Link: http://www.eapc-2019.org/home.html

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Reconciliation and forgiveness - what helps in the corona crisis? Reconciliation and forgiveness are challenging. They occur especially in liminal states, e.g. when dying. Are reconciliation and forgiveness still possible in times of a corona epidemic? Monika Renz reports from her work as an end-of-life carer, accompanying dying patients, about liminal states and finding vocations. More details see Therapy.

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