Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae

Music was my first language. Music improvisation has been my way to express what can not be expressed in words. The medium of music led me to an education as music therapist SFMT (Swiss Federation of Music Therapists).

“All beginning is transition” – this was the title of my doctoral thesis with Prof. Dr.med. H.S. Herzka. It explored the beginnings of human consciousness. The thesis was published 1996 under the title Zwischen Urangst und Urvertrauen [Between Primeval Fear and Primeval Trust].

Is dying also a transition following similar laws? Taking up this question I began my job as music therapist and psychotherapist at the Kantonsspital St. Gallen, a major regional hospital in Switzerland.


My daily experiences with seriously ill and dying patients were reflected and systematically analysed in two research projects: Zeugnisse Sterbender: Todesnähe als Wandlung und letzte Reifung [Testimonies of the Dying: Approaching Death as Change and Final Personal Growth] (2000, revised and enlarged edition 2005) and Grenzerfahrung Gott: Spirituelle Erfahrungen in Leid und Krankheit [Spiritual Experiences in Illness and Affliction] (3rd ed. 2006).

My special focus is on the borderland and its experience as an inner place of deep healing. Since 1990 I have given talks and lectures about subjects such as personal growth and how to become essential, about dying and about spirituality.

Missing God daily at patients’ bedside, exposed to fundamental questions and seeking daily new trust in God, I started studying (Catholic) Theology. In all my undertakings it is most important to me to bridge the gap between psychotherapy and religion and to embark on a quest for radical and deep healing that will sustain man’s hope and future.

Education and Professional Experiences:

  • Primary school teacher for three years, team teaching
  • M.A. degree from the University of Zurich. Subjects: Pedagogical Psychology, Psychopathology and Music Ethnology. Psychologist FSP (Federation of Swiss Psychologists), Music Therapist SFMT (Swiss Federation of Music Therapists)
  • Several years of therapeutic experience with children, learning disabled young adults and adults. Psychotherapist FSP (Federation of Swiss Psychotherapists)
  • Since 1998 Music Therapist and Psychotherapist at the Department of Psycho-oncology at the Kantonsspital St. Gallen. Head of the Department of Psycho-oncology.
  • 1998-2002 Lectures at the Department of Theology at the University of Zurich about Spirituality. Guest lectures at the Universities of Heidelberg, Berne and Innsbruck
  • 2004 Master of Theology

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